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On Humanity is a space devoted to propagating humanist ideas revolving around our shared desire to do good and to help others, discovering human potential, and developing a mindset of abundance to lift all boats.

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The larger project aims to build a community of individuals interested in thoughtful civil discourse on their deeply held values and beliefs, to be inspired and to nurture each other’s motivations for leading our lives with grace and compassion, while continuously contributing to tangible results.

A short video clip and links to introductory posts, along with a three-phase structure outline, are up at abundance.dev. If you’d like to be a guest or a host of the anyhumans podcast at some point, please sign up through Calendly at a convenient time. You are always welcome to self-submit audio or written content by emailing this substack.

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The current cadence is a ~ monthly “community update” post interspersed with occasional Creative Fridays interviews for inspiration (if you are a creative or creator, please reach out to be email-interviewed) and mutual-support Giving Tuesdays posts every other week (you are encouraged to submit a request or offer at any time, to be circulated with other subscribers).

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Pavel S.

Pavel is building abundance.dev -- a community based on an abundance mindset -- and is leading Physics Unlimited, a 501(c)(3) non-profit democratizing access to opportunities for students worldwide to learn and showcase their physics skills.