Lovely post. Sounds like you have been busy with celebrations! My response to lesson 1: Friends can be chosen family, but do so with intention and awareness, otherwise you may find yourself replicating the same dysfunctional dynamics. This year I yearn for (increased) connection with those who can support me in my return to self.

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Hi Pavel,

I can relate to your Lesson #1. My family is fairly small, but a few of us live in different countries (mostly Europe). We keep the arguments to a minimum when we get together, although there are a few trouble makers that tend to set everyone else off, every year without exception. As I moved out by myself, and my parents still live in Bulgaria, friends are quite literally family (even for an only child who is rather used to her own company). Lives are busy but we make time to see each other - it is not about the place but the company so a coffee date would do!

Regarding the chat functionality on Substack, it is something I have been meaning to activate myself. I am likely to start off with the New Thread first and see how that goes; for some reason, it feels less scary than the chat. However, I do have the app and happy to participate in any future chats. I have done it with a few other Substackers (?) and it is fun.

Fabulous post. I love the footnotes!

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Hey Pavel, it was fun hanging out together in the poem salon. Thanks for the shoutout!

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