Successes and failures. Joys and tragedies. Personal shout-outs.
A call to understand ourselves and those unlike us
Shared holidays; poem crafting; reflection #1 commentary
A fun, brief interactive experiment
and specific action items for you to choose from or add to
A practical guide to helping others by developing your mindset of abundance
What are you looking forward to next year?
Spotlighting the interplay between creative and academic writing
Request or offer help from the community, share a need on another's behalf, be a part of Giving Tuesdays or Creative Fridays
Spotlighting acrylic and oil paintings by an architectural designer
Meeting friends: open threadOver the past 14 days two unrelated Substack authors unexpectedly gave personal shout-outs to this publication in their posts (here and here). I…
Spotlighting virtual murder mystery games by The Daggered Pen